Born in Toulouse, Muriel Batbie Castell, lulled by the melody of the Occitan language spoken in her home in the heart of the Pyrenees, started playing music (piano and singing) very young. Later, after musical studies in high school, she worked on her vocal technique with Geneviève Philip before enrolling in the ancient music department of the Toulouse region’s National Conservatory, under the tutelage of Hervé Niquet (Le Concert Spirituel). She continued her training at the Conservatory of Narbonne, where she earned a diploma in Baroque singing, and the Conservatories of Lorient and Montauban, for lyrical singing.

Muriel Batbie Castell is likewise a great lover of words. While studying music, she also pursued literary and linguistic studies (Bachelor of Arts and a CAPES [teaching certification] for the Occitan language). It was through her discovery of the Troubadours, 12th-13th-century Occitan poet-musicians, that she was able to combine these two passions. She went on to found the Avinens Ensemble with lutenist Jodel Grasset, recording a CD, “Cants de Trobadors,” which showcases this lyrical poetry.

Her interest for little-known repertoires led her to create the Baroque ensemble Hypocras, under the direction of Jean-Christophe Maillard, musicologist, teacher, researcher and French Baroque bagpipe specialist. Their concerts feature previously heard scores from Occitania from the 17th and 18th centuries.

In 2002 she met organ player Christiane van Gorp, with whom she founded the duo Organicanto, presenting a vast repertoire, from medieval to modern.
She has also performed varied repertoires as special guest soloist with a number of ensembles, as well as participating in projects with a number of composers, authors, film-makers, musicians, photographers, national and international (Jean-Michel Maury, Gilles Arcens, Gilbert Isbin, Scott Walton, Lakhdar Hanou, Enric Hernaez, Jean Perissé, Michèle Teysseyre, Esther Granek, Olivier de Robert, Georges Souche, Laurent Audemard, Joan-Francés Tisnèr, Claude Roubichou, Tormod Dalen, Ulrik Gaston Larsen, Paco Labat...). She is also asked to read poetic texts.

In 2011 her new CD of a capella songs, which blends ancient melodies with modern ones in nine languages (see “discography”), will be coming out.

Then in 2013, a single 3 titles, Ars Intima, where she comes along in the piano.
It is as well in 2013 that she receives the 1st Price (Rose d' Argent) from the poetic Song of creation awarded by the Academie des Jeux Floraux. (" Alba de Luna ", to listen to on the page Contact of this site. Instrumental composition: Patrick Robinet)

« Her lovely, supple voice combines classical technique with more “popular” inflection in a delightful way, charming the listener with its grace and the accuracy of its inflection.»

« Where does she find this strength of spirit, as it is not a question of mere vocal prowess but that of a people that fills each song with its own distinct personality? »

« Her voice is silky, her articulation natural and clear, her phrasing light as birdsong. The singer’s inflection is exquisitely feminine. An overwhelming voice, maneuvering with nothing to weigh it down, a mysterious presence, full of grace and restraint—this is Muriel Batbie Castell’s great skill. »

Muriel Batbie Castell
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